Bind help

Whenever I do a bind on a front style trick you know where you put an extra loop around the yoyo I usually get a big loop hanging from the yoyo. Plus whenever I thow it loops over my hand. Plz help my yoyo has already hit my forearm and I have a bruise that’s lasted a couple of days. :’( :-\

I never do an extra loop on my front binds. That is just me.

It’s hitting your arm because to need to work on doing cleaner binds. Don’t try to bind when there is an extra wrap around the yoyo, get rid of all wraps so you have a better chance of a clean tight bind.

To save your forearms and elbows, if you see a loop hanging off after a bind, don’t put great force into your next throw, I have seen so many make this error (as well as myself when I was a beginner) and hit themselves hard. Instead, throw it gently and correct your bind.

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Eventually you’ll be able to notice if a bind is sloppy or clean to avoid the dreaded “whiplash” throw.

As a test, you should always just throw a somewhat weak breakaway if the bind is questionable. That’s what I do anyways.

Don’t do 2 loops, don’t watch any of the binds on the YYE tutorials. There ya go.

A bind is done by wrapping a loop around the opposite end of a yoyo, right? a bigger loop being wrapped more tightly is going to cause problems. If the bind is too tight and cause an excess loop, try using a smaller loop and not wrapping it around the yoyo as tightly.
Hope this helped! :slight_smile:

So, what NathanC said gets at the problem here:

In the YYE tutorials, André often doubles up a trapeze loop before binding from a SIDESTYLE trick. This is not a real bind (and he himself has admitted that when those videos were made, players in general just didn’t know better… it seemed to work!). The doubling was required to force the bind to happen by sheer brute force of having enough string in the gap.

For a FRONT style bind, the loop is already oriented for a REAL bind. Doubling up on it is going to only cause misery. Instead, pinch the loop gently, and feed it into the gap while simultaneously pulling back with your throwhand. It’ll catch and pull the rest of the loop right out of your fingers if you’re holding lightly enough.

Or you can Oliver Twist it like I do, see end of trick -
Boingy boing slow motion:

You’ll notice I actually don’t create an extra wrap at all when I do theirs extra roll, similarly to when you skin the gerbil.

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Oliver Twisting before a bind is fun! But as you say, it’s not doubling the loop.

Is there a more recent/comprehensive video that focuses on very basic binds? on the basics of binding? I’m finding a LOT of stuff on youtube, but not a lot of in depth discussion or explanation - I’m having some trouble getting “clean” binds as well, I probably bind knots that i have to throw out about 25% of the time, and another 10% just don’t bind or knot to absolute hell and have me taking my replay apart.

my frustration is that i don’t understand what’s happening when i am or am not hitting it cleanly, i can feel it catch or not catch but i can’t isolate what i did differently, and most of the time i CAN’T tell if my next throw is going to be clean or not.

i can keep practicing but i feel like i’m not understanding what’s making my binds effective vs not, so i’m just kinda throwing without purpose. i’ve watched the tutorial here(whoops apparently), and from a few other people that just quickly introduce the motions, but something isn’t clicking.

This is the video that unlocked it for me:

The video is low on flashiness and high on information. The basics of this information apply to sidestyle binds as well.

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Exactly what I was looking for, thanks so much. New goals for when I get home…

although I know how to bind, this is actually a great video, definitely full of information.
Thank you Greg for posting this.

Here thes MIGHT help, ik they helped me. They have some pros in these videos so it should help.