Finger Pain - Not String Burn.

I’ve been trying to throw my lighter yoyos lately, or take a few days off (which is impossible, as we all know), because my string finger has been sore. It’s not from the string being tight around my finger, as I’ve had a callous for a long while now. It’s more of a soreness around the middle joint of my finger…

It’s not excruciating or anything, just quite bothersome after some time throwing.

Has anyone else experienced this? Or any other aches aside from string burn, tight slipknots, or a straight up yoyo smack?


Sounds to me like your bruising the bone or knucke joint strain. Let it heal then come back and work on your throw. Most dont realize the strain a yoyo puts on your joints and fingers when it his the end of the string. You know how to catch an egg right, without it breaking. You cushion the landing. Well when you throw , try to arch it a little more so it doesn’t hit the end of the string with such a thud. Your hands will thank you and I find that I get better spins and stability. Let us know if that helps.


^ Good advice!

Just to add - that “thud” generates a heck of a lot of stress on your joints, so picking a yoyo with a narrower gap and avoiding string centering bearings should help.

Also, try move the placement of the slipknot closer to the base of your finger - the further out towards the tip of your finger the knot is, the more leverage it has to pull, twist and strain your joints.