4A help, half knots? yoyo getting stuck?


Alright so beginning in 4a yoyoing so I know from 1A that sometimes a somewhat bad bind creates these half knots where the yoyo comes back immediately responsive at first then after that it spins like normal.

So I assume this is something in 4a world my issue is how do 4a players know when to let their 4a yoyo go down to take out this half knot. Cause sometimes I hurt my fingers hands when i throw it quite hard but it had a kind of half knot in it already

Contrary to that when I think theres a half knot but theres none i just end up spinning and dropping the 4a yoyo onto the floor!

help is appreciated!



I only have a bit of 4a under my belt, but I figured that out the same way as a bad bind in 1a. Just doesn’t feel right after the bind, give it a throw or two regularly, then back to 4a. It took me a bit though, and I’m still not 100% on it, sometimes I still have a yoyo shoot across the room. The best is when I pick up my 4a for the first time in a session thinking I left it poorly bound, throw it to the ground and it immediately takes off, always to some uncomfortable and hard to reach place. Great way to start!


I know exactly what your talking about. You just have to throw harder or hold the yoyo and pull on the string hard and it will come out