4a Yoyo Bite on YYF Flight


I just got my first 4a and every couple throws, I get bite like crazy. Would this possibly be a result of poor binding form or something like that? It’s the YYF Flight if that says anything at all about my sitch. If I need to, I can probably record video of it happening since it’s pretty consistent.


By bite do you mean it keeps snagging and coming back when you throw it? If that’s the case you could just make sure it doesnt have a snag before throwing. If you’ve had experience with 1a you should be able to tell when the string is snagged and you need to be more careful.

Another solution is to throw harder. On the one hand it’ll “bite” less often but on the other hand when it does it’ll hurt worse when it does ::slight_smile:

Up to you. It’ll work itself out once you get better.


so every 4a thrower has to go through a beat-in when they first start learning? man, that’s brutal. I’m honestly not seeing any snag like I would see on my Shutter or FHPro. I’ll see what I can do about throwing harder, but I may take a few asprin and a day off before I have the confidence to do that lol


Pretty much. But if you think about it it kind of happens with 1a too. You experience a lot of snags and knots when you first start learning how to bind. I guess you get hit a little more in the case of learning to bind in 4a but at least in 4a you’re always using a plastic and knots are a lot less common :slight_smile:

Also by throwing harder I don’t mean excessively hard, I just think an issue beginning 4a players have is they’re scared to throw hard because of the fear of it snagging and coming back so they throw softer but that actually causes it to comes back more often because you’re not using enough force.


Ah. That definitely makes sense. After taking my first knocks, I started getting more knocks as I lost my cool. Thanks for the responses!


I had this problem when I first started 4a. After a few days of destroying my knuckles I realized I had been slightly tugging bac on the string when I threw and it was causing a bind. Try to be smooth and don’t pull the string until the yoyo is fully off and also thinner string helps