Quick question re: lube


I picked up 2 YYF throws today - Shutter and Nightmare. Do YYF bearings come with any lube, or dry? Do bearing generally come dry…or does it vary by the maker? Not sure I’m capable yet of telling by ear.



They should come lubed. Many people (meaning consumers not factories) don’t lube their bearings so it’s not too big of a deal either way :slight_smile:


Thanks. Wasn’t sure, either, how running dry affected bearings. Glad to hear it’s not a problem.

(rizkiyoist) #4

Actually, most modern 1A yoyos come practically dry or lightly lubed from the factory and are completely unresponsive. Old yoyos however often come with heavily lubed or even greased bearings.
The load on the yoyo bearing comes from the weight of the yoyo being swung around, not heavy enough or spin nearly fast enough to ruin the bearing playing it dry.
No doubt that lube will make the bearing last longer since the lube displace the friction, but you’re talking about years of playing it dry before the bearing only becomes slightly ‘slacky’ (but still works totally fine).
And then even if you want to use lube anyway, unless you use dry lube, there will be additional friction from the viscosity of the lube (even from thin lube), which will increase friction.
Usually people thin lube the bearing for 1A to reduce noise, with the downside of having reduced spin time and a small amount of added responsiveness which have to be ‘broken in’ before becoming unresponsive again.