lube or no lube

just wanted to know who likes to lube their bearings and who leaves them the way they are.

For the yoyos I have setup up unresponsive, I put a single drop of thin lube after cleaning. For the yoyos I have set up to play responsive, I put a big glob of thick lube.

i put a small drop of thin lube in a center trac and hated how much shorter sleep time i had. but loved how quiet it became. i like my terrapin bearings now. john who makes them says not to lube them

I’ve tried not lubing my bearings with nothing but failure.
I’ve been doing this for a looong time and will never leave a yoyo dry again.

I only lube mine if they’re about to get shot. They normally act weird, so I can tell. Other than that, I leave them dry.

Is this true if you don’t put lube on a kk bearing, it will lock up?

It depends. There are some I play dry and some I lube very lightly. For the most part I play mine dry but clean them frequently to keep them from locking up.