Quick Opinion on Light Ups.

I just got a Duncan Limelight from Walmart recently and I quickly fell in love with Light Ups, again.  It is a great looper and I was able to loop it till it finally flew off the string right out of the package, Lol.  My last Light Up was a Duncan Orb, I believe it was called.  For it’s generation, it was much better than the Yomega Strobe Yo.

I am now looking for a Light Up for String Tricks.

Do they make any High-End Light Ups??  My research has been limited to say the least but I am speculating that the best out there is either the Hubstack Afterglow and/or the Freehand Zero.  I almost purchased a Yomega Spectrum the other day from the store but I realize after looking at the packaging that it is only a Transaxle and not a Bearing Yo-Yo.

As well, do they make any Light Ups that will fit a C-Size Dif-E-Yo?  Will I have no problems fitting one in the Hubstack?

It seems like a toss up between the YoYoFactory and the Duncan.  One or the other.




I want to get the Duncan because YoYoExpert says it is the best String Trick Yo-Yo but those 10,000 RPMs of Hubstacked YoYoFactory goodness sure do seem tempting.  ;D

From what I recall, the Duncan light-up FHZ is about the high end of the light-up spectrum. The FHZ is a very capable yoyo. It will do any trick you can do. The $$ spent are not an indication of capability. That said, the lighting mechanism is prone to introducing some vibe in any yoyo.

That’s about what I had thought, I may just end up getting both of them because that Hubstack looks very nice. I just watched a Video Review on it and am impressed. The only obvious advantage I could see with the YYF is the Hubstacks and innate C-Size Bearing capacity. The FHZ does come with a nice Lighted Dice, though.

Hubstack Afterglow right now is the best light-up in my opinion, however on his Tumblr page Taka posted an amazing usb-rechargable light-up a few weeks ago that blew my mind, I’m hoping it’s something that we can buy soon! http://taka-yoyo.tumblr.com/post/103203523767/usb-rechargeable-battery-inside-same-circuit-as

My favorite Light-up yo-yo is a YoYoJam Dark Magic II with a Shinwoo Light Kit installed. The YoYoFactory Hubstack Afterglow is a close second though, it’s just a fun yo-yo!

Yet again, your fine company exceeds my expectations x10! 8)

That Shinwoo light kit is legit.

Pop it into a Ghost Edition DMII like in André’s video for funtacular hilarity. And heavy weight. But mostly fun!

The weight is my only issue with the DMII and Shinwoo kit - the DMII is already on the heavy end of my acceptable range, but adding in the light kit and it is too much for me to play constantly. The Afterglow is much lighter all round…plus HUBSTACKS! :slight_smile:

Yah dude, as soon as I get the money. You can already tell that’s the best route conceivable.

That vid blew my mind.