Quick: Is it normal for DMII responsive bearing to only sleep for ~15 seconds?

My son’s friend came over late last week to show off his black/silver DMII , he got some starter kit thing for like $55.00 which came with the yoyo a holster and some extra string, I can’t remember where he ordered it from, but it wasn’t from YYE.

Anyway, I inspected the yoyo, and then gave it a couple of tosses to see how it played, seemed solid it definitely had the responsive bearing in which the kid confirmed. I threw a trapeze with no problems, went for a double or nothing and the yoyo pretty much just died right after I landed the trick. I tried again, same thing, so I decided to try brain twister, I got about to revolutions before the yoyo just completley lost its spin.

I haven’t ever thrown a DMII so I don’t have any experience with it, is this normal, does the bearing ( or bearings) just need some break in time?

Impossible to say without trying for oneself, but if your technique is at least reasonably good, 15 seconds is pretty short.

Seems really short. I got substantially more than that out of stock FH2s the first throw out of the package with lubed up bearings and 2 pads.

Same here. I timed a stock Speed Beetle and got a little less than 30 seconds out of it. It could be a bad bearing, a knot(unlikely but check anyways), or the bearing just needs a good clean.

Give the bearing a good cleaning. Yoyojam bearings are, or at least used to be, heavily lubed.

yup a good cleaning should help and after about a week the response pads will be broken in and it will become less responsive

Hope this helped!

My opinion is that the responsive bearing, lubed would perform about that way.

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The bearing probably locked up for some reason. I know that because mine locked up once, and I got similar results. Try giving it a thorough cleaning.

Best post I read in here.


A new DM2 in the hands of a beginner with the responsive bearing:

Yup. 15-20 seconds of sleep time is completely NORMAL. Even with the YYJ Speed bearing.

When I started, that’s what I was getting. After 2 months, that number started creeping to 30 seconds, then 45, then a minute, then a minute and a half… and it’s STILL climbing.

The stock thin bearing is thick lubed. That will break down and need “replenishing” to stay very responsive.

Also keep in mind that developing a good throw takes time. Also keep in mind bearings need to break in. Also, don’t under-estimate the impact lube can have on performance.

I wasn’t under the impression from past posts that Phuizon himself is a total beginner, though. I stand by my statement: 15 seconds seems short.

The REASONS presented for why this may be are all perfectly fine… too much lube, etc. But the question is, “Is this normal?” and the answer based on my own experiences with the DMII is that as long as the thrower isn’t a total beginner and has somewhat OK technique… 15 seconds is NOT “normal”.

It was his son’s friend who brought over the DM2.

I was happy when I got my DM2 and I was getting something better than 10 seconds of spin, having upgraded from a Reflex and Imperial. 15 second was an eternity. I was a new player and I was using that slim bearing.

On top of that Phuizon was having similar short times, and I would agree with your assessment he isn’t a beginner either. This just points more to the lube.

An issue many new players come here looking to cure short spin times with a better bearing or better yoyo, hoping some technology will solve their problems of poor sleep times. While those two factors will help, the best fix is an increased ability in the skill of throwing the yoyo.

His son’s friend brought it, but clearly he’s talking about when HE was throwing it.

I agree it could be lube… but that’s STILL not answering the question directly. The direct answer is, “No it is not normal. If you think your technique is fairly sound, I would start checking on the bearing.” (which includes things like too much lube)

It’s a given that a clean-spinning bearing will not fix gucked-up technique. But the point stands that no amount of clean technique will “fix” a gucked-up bearing. A gucked-up bearing is not considered the “normal” state.

His throw of the yoyo wasn’t much better from a timing in motion point of view.

The thin bearings come thick lubed, or “gucked-up” for lack of a better term. That is “normal” for the YYJ’s.

The thin bearings with the metal full cage system are usually pretty good bearings when properly cleaned. I save those for my Go Big. I can usually 20+ seconds of spin off a flick when I properly clean AND dry play treat it. On a Go big, I can usually get that to equate to a minute of spin or more but that’s just off a throw and catch.

OK. I’ve only owned one DMII and did not suffer from a 15-second spin. Nor was I particularly experienced when I used the thin bearing more often. I guess I was the exception rather than the “normal”. I find that hard to believe, but if you insist.

I just got an SFX a few weeks ago, and a Speeder 2, and those had sucky spin times with their stock slim bearing. I forgot to swap them out. I also haven’t cleaned them yet.

The newer plastic-caged bearings seem to have less lube clogging them up but don’t appear to be as good of a bearing.

I’ve got a new Ghost Edition DM2 coming. I’ll probably forget to address this when I get it in a few days. I’m preparing for a demo at a school on Thursday. It doesn’t matter if my latest YYE order arrives or not.

Come on guys, be realistic. You can open a $2 Profly and do a trapeze to a double or nothing or 3 full revolutions of a braintwister and have quite a bit of spintime left. If there wasn’t something wrong (very likely with the bearing) I’d be amazed.

I don’t hae a $2 ProFly. I don’t have a ProFly.

I guess I could go dig out my 2013 Eh or my Love Joy for A/B comparison purposes.

As I said, most of those slim YYJ bearings are lubed pretty good. At least it’s not grease!

i’d be pretty upset if my new $55 yoyo would only sleep for 15 seconds… i mean i bought a dollar store yoyo for poops and giggles and i could sleep the thing long enough to do braintwister

Yep, clean it, like myself and everyone else have said. I can get way more than 15 on even my Baldwin.