ultamate sleeping DM

Ok here is my formula for anyone that just got a dm, when you get it, you use it enough to break in the bearing (Don’t clean it that is not as affective as breaking it in). After the bearing is broken in I use thin lube on it, then I use it for about another week. After the week, I put a dot of lube on my finger and barley toutch the bearing, this just makes sure i have enough lube, I throw one sleeper ( as long as possable) and then take a napkin and whipe off all the extra lube to prevent rust. Now I let the yoyo sit in a box for as long as possable, A month will do the trick, but the longer the better. after you let it sit you’re DM should sleep longer than a meteor of 888.

this should also work with a speeder, PGM, Black Knight, and most plastick yyj yoyos

*every time i say lube i mean thin lube

I would stop at breaking in the bearing and maybe some lube.

Not to offend but I don’t think people have 2 months to make their yoyo sleep long, you could just practice a good throw or clean the bearing and it would be just as awesome.

But have you tried this? If so nice job finding out about it.

Wait…how does the yoyo being in a box affect spin time?

Im not sure, and I ment to store it, I call it “aging” the yoyo, for some odd reason, it really works, idn why

mmm. sounds a little far fetched. would like a secondary analisis from someone

As would I. I have a brand new DM. After the bearing breaks in, I will time the sleeper, then I will “age” it, then do it again.

About how many DM’s have you tried it on?

I’ll try the same with my Hitman Hybrid… Maybe it really improves the spintime… xD
I will post the result in this topic when the time has come =)


Spintime all depends on you. Here’s what I suspect: Your throw improved over that month, not the yoyo. Yourself getting better made it seem like “aging” the yoyo worked, when it really was just yourself improving.

The yoyo isn’t everything.

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xdohl has a point. it is hard to test only comparing a yoyo to itself. if you, however, had two and tested em one after another, with one of them tricked with lube and time, that would be a different story

Good Point XDohl

Here’s my method:

Ceramic KK ;D

I don’t really upgrade.

Just play with it :slight_smile:

i put my DM in a box for 2 months one time. It died…

What do you mean by that, that the bearing got rusted?

Hmmm… maybe the lube spread itself out? Or the lube dried so you are playing a dry bearing?

Any confirmation?

this works!!! i think it just dries the bearing. when i put a 10 ball in my speedmaker i put its stock bearing freshly lubed in a plastic bag and took it out about a month later so i could see what beefcaking was like (i cant get the yoyo to bind right with a gap that big lol) and the bearing spun twice as long as my 10 ball! im letting my 10ball sit right now hehehe

How long would it sleep for after all the proccess.

With a same throw my yoyo went from barely spinning a minute to bout 2:10


Just so you know, the fact that 10 balls take forever to break in might affect the outcome of that. And your throw probably also improved over that time like others have said.