DM2 Bearing maintenence

I bought a YYJ DM2 yoyo about 1-2 months ago. I’ve been playing with it ALOT since then. However, my spin times are relatively short (around 40 seconds) and the yoyo stops after I do about 5 rounds of ‘matrix’.

I am using the speed bearing in my yoyo. I’m wondering if I should clean and then lube the bearing to get better spin times. I’ve heard running your yoyo dry is a bad idea and shortens the yoyos life.

I’ve also heard that you can clean the bearing with lighter fluid.

I have some zippo fuel, could I perhaps use this? Would WD-40 work as a lube? And how would I go about lubing it?

Cleaning it should enhance the spin time, and it is true that running the bearing dry will shorten its lifespan. While you can clean the bearing with lighter fluid, it is not advised as it may leave a residue on the bearing that will make it deteriorate over time. You cannot use WD-40 as a lube, it would be better if you used lube specifically for yoyos. I hear trumpet valve oil works as well, but I have never tried that myself. As for the lubing, you just have to drip just a small amount on a pin, then apply it to the ball bearing.

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Thin trumpet valve oil works, but if you don’t have any lube just run the bearing dry. Even those against it will admit that a day or so of running dry until you can get some suitable lube is better than putting wd-40 in your bearing!

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40 seconds of spin time is fine for now. You’re new, the extra spin times will come as you get more experienced. Been there done that.

However, if you want to clean the bearing, then do so. Just make sure you do it properly. Cleaning the bearing properly is easy.

As far as lube is concerned, you want to be careful. WD-40 is not an ideal lube but it can be used, but it acts as a rather thick lube. 3-in-1 is also a thick lube. You can use a thin machine oil, which works great. Trumpet valve or trombone slide oil works great too but some formulations may be bad for plastics, so read the instructions and pay attention otherwise. Otherwise, use a lube formulated for yoyos, such as One Drop’s VM4, YoYoJam Thin Lube or YYF Thin performance oil and use it very sparingly.

As far as bearing cleaning solvents, I prefer acetone, as I have gotten the best results from that. The lighter fluid will work though so use it if you got it.

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Thanks guys!

So something like this?

The speed bearing in my yoyo will come out just by turning the yoyo upside down. Is this normal?

As for the cleaning, I watched a video where the guy puts lighter fluid in a capped container, drops the bearing in, and shakes. Could I do this with zippo fuel and get a good result?

I should mention, the 40 second spin time is with a strong sleeper, no tricks.

I suppose there would be no problem with the trumpet valve oil , if all you have is zippo fuel, by all means go ahead, it should turn out fine. You may opt to clean the bearing seat with a q-tip and rubbing alcohol if all else fails.

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Zippo fluid is a long-time standby for cleaning bearings. It’ll work dandy. Give it time to dry after cleaning!

The valve oil should be fine, also. Tiiiiiny amounts of any lube if you’re playing unresponsive!

For what you’re going to spend on that stuff, just get YoYoJam thin lube.

OK, onto the bearing coming out so easily:
Yes. I have several DM2’s and they all come out super easy. In fact, all my YoYoJam yoyos, the bearings out out just as easily as you are experiencing.

Regarding cleaning:
Simply substitute the solvent of choice(in your case, the Zippo Lighter Fluid) and then otherwise, repeat the steps.

At 2 months, a 40 second sleeper is more than sufficient. Your throw itself will continue to improve and get stronger and straighter and hence, your sleep times will get longer and longer. Just keep in mind that a sleeper is not an accurate indicator of “usable play time” though. Really, if you can get through whatever trick you’re trying to do, and/or any combos you’re working on, you’ve got more than sufficient sleep time. Honestly, nearly any string trick yoyo is capable of more than adequate sleepers these days, provided they are thrown properly. My sleep times are usually over 3 minutes, which considering any combos I do or stuff between binds is usually less than 30 seconds(often much less), I’m fine. My issues are from landing clean.

Also, keep in mind that unless you’re using Dry Play(which requires acetone), any lube will slow down your bearing. If you’re using lube very sparingly, this really won’t be a big deal: a few seconds. That’s not enough to make a difference. Lube is merely to prevent the bearing from wearing down, not increase spin times. How you do things is up to you. Many people run their bearings dry and have had little to no problems or issues.