DM2 spin time

I have a DM2, and it is an awesome throw but it sleeps for a upward of 40 seconds with flowable silicone and a stock dry YYJ speed bearing. I heard some people saying that DM2 has wicked spin, but I don’t think 40 secs is a wicked spin time. Or is 40 seconds normal?

Mine is thrown daily and I’m easily getting close to 3 minutes using a YYJ bearing, but I usually use a Terrapin X Wing Cut in there, and am getting nearly the same times. Yes, I use flowable and my bearings are well broken in.

How long have you been throwing? I mean, my sleeps have improved from 20 seconds to around 3 minutes if I let it. Usually I’m trying to learn tricks, and since I’m not clean, I rarely get spins that long unless I am just doing a hanging sleep.

I’ve been throwing for about 4 months.

It’s also partially based on your technique. You need to adjust the tilt, to ensure that the string does not touch the yoyo, while timing your sleeper.

The string is dead center.

Given that the string is dead center and the bearing is completely clean, I think the only thing you can do is to snap your wrist harder when you throw. This is weird.
Normally, you should be able to get 1-2 minutes on a strong throw. Try cleaning your bearing again before you throw.

I’ve heard of people getting 4+ minutes stock.

well that doesn’t work as im throwing so hard the my wrist is about to fall off and the string is dead center but 45 seconds

Are you lubing the bearing? If so, you may have to much lube or the bearing may be dirty or, even as hard as you’re throwing, you are still developing your throw and it needs to be stronger. The only other possibility is a bad bearing which is kind of doubtful or there is a response issue. Make certain your bearing seat is completely clean.

Hmmm…don’t know what else to say.


Are you sure the bearing is clean?

It sounds like it might be locked and it is not moving, making it sleep time terrible.


Take the bearing out, pinch the inside between two fingers and give it a flick. Does it spin?

Let us know,

we’re here to help.

Let me ask you this: do you have any other yo-yos? If so, then what’s the yo-yo and the spin time you got with it?

Yes, I have a Audley Lone Wolf and it spins for 45seconds also

It’s your throw. Just keep at it. You’ll learn proper technique and power through the practice you’re putting in.

I’m getting 2+ minutes on nearly all my unresponsive yoyos. I really don’t think about it, I just practice tricks, it’s a more productive use of my time. With practice will come longer spin times. Be patient, it will come. Don’t obsess over it. If you can get through your tricks, you’re good and that’s all that matters.

I’ve been throwing 1 year, 1 month and 1 day today. I’m by no means great, good or even decent. I’m just having a great time. I improve a little bit each day. I rarely worry about spin times. What I do know is that if I’m running out of spin on a trick, that means I’m not landing it clean enough.

Keep at it. Like Studio42 said, you need to work on your throw. You may seem like you’re throwing really hard right now, but later on, you’ll get better and your old throw will seem like nothing.

Just keep practicing. It may be a cliche, but it works. On a broken in Dark Magic, If I’m trying for sleep, I can get a solid 4-5 minutes (Closer to 4 alot of times), perhaps longer with the aid of a KK. Like many have said, snap your wrist harder and make sure that you center the string. Also, make sure your throws are vibe free. :slight_smile:

If you could, record yourself throwing it and upload the video so we can attempt to better diagnose the problem.