Quick Announcement

I’ve been getting many PM’s for the past two days asking about this sponsorship thing, and I just want to clear the air here.

So the news is that I am now sponsored. It happened very recently, and I just wanted to let you guys know it’s true. Thanks.


Congraz! :slight_smile:

Way to go!

ho sponserd you samad?

ULTIMATE… what exactly happens when u get sponsored? (excuse my noobishness)

Congratz on the General-yo sponsorship! I knew it’d happen sooner or later.

Again, congratulations!


I don’t really know… LOL

And thanks guys!

Nice! Congratz! You deserved it Samad!
Hope you have a good future w/ team

EPIC job!
Congrats of sponsorship :slight_smile:

Congrats SAMADULAR!!!

so when will you have your picture up on the generalyo websight?

Way to go! Good luck! :wink:

congratz, but how exactly did it happen? like what did you just get a pm or somthing?

Congrats! I knew you’d get it. The first to get sponsored among those of us who dream it.

As soon as I send it in.

And again, thanks guys! It’s really nice to know you all support me.

I REALLY like how you put that. Thanks man.

Congratulations to the most awesomest yoyoer in the world.

You deserved it very well Samadominator. (Beat that Jayyo!)

Congrats amigo!! I’m looking forward to seeing you progress even higher up the ladder of yoyoing!

Oh, and to anyone who cares, here was my second place freestyle:

Dude, you’re friggin faster than you used to be.