Questions for Brandon Vu

I have a few questions for Brandon Vu.

  1. Have you gotten any negativity from yoyoing? Like have people said “yoyoing is a waste of time!”, Or “Yoyoing will never make you money, you need to stop Yoyoing and get an actual job”.

  2. What’s your favorite Linux Distribution?

  3. What made you start Yoyoing?


Hey Evan_the_yoyo_boy!

Thanks for the questions.

  1. I don’t normally get a whole lot of negativity, but it does pop up every now and then. Generally, I don’t really mind what outsiders think of my Yoyoing. I find it fun, so I continue to do it. I think as long as you don’t bore people with your new combos or talk about Yoyos infront of people who are obviously disinterested, in my experience most people don’t really care whether you Yoyo or not and will treat it with mild interest.

  2. Uhhhhhhhhhh… I don’t know anything about that. Let’s go with a Rolling Distribution. Pls don’t ask me why.

  3. My cousin had a yoyo on his desk. I played with it, had fun and it spiraled from there.


Lol, the Linux Distribution question won last time, if it won again that would be hilarious.

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Yeah I hope it wins again. :joy:

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