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Have you guys ever tried to get people to yo-yo?

I have, I just practice when I’m bored and practice some hard tricks that I can barely do but succeed. People just walk by and say “Show-Off”.

I yo-yo to get people to start yo-yoing and hopefully start the next yo-yo boom.

Have you guys ever tried anything?

I just yoyo. I dont care about showing anyone, I just yoyo for fun. Whatever people say doesnt dishearten me, and usually I get positive feedback. I dont try to make them yoyo, but if they have any questions I usually answer them. Really, thats all I do.

The big city is more interested in this stuff than a small town like mine.

Here it’s brawns, not brains. Individuality means being a “nerd”

Proud to be a nerd, wish I was a better one.

Don’t worry Phiz. I saw your video and I think you will progress nerdism very quickly! Don’t give up!

me too,exept,I only try to get people to yoyo unless they ask,“can I try yoyoig?”.

Video? VIDEO?! Link please. ;D

Sorry for the slight thread jack.

I keep yo-yoing to myself really…

Likewise. Except I am called the Kid that Yos in my school. XD

Dude… I just do it. I still get called a nerd. But two people have started, and I lend my throw monkey to anyone who wants. And encourage them.

I blog.

Me too!


I carry two yo-yo’s with me at all time, a dinged up m1, and another random (happens to be my 5 star)
I let random people use the dinged up one. I also keep a velocity in my wife’s purse so a tug response option is available.
I hand out my card (for to anyone who seems slightly interested. and I yo-yo EVERYWHERE I go that involves me standing in line or waiting for something.

This is what I tell people…

When you first start and your doing stuff like boing E boing and matrix and spirit bomb tricks…

People often refer to u as a nerd…or having to much time on your hands.

Yet once you gone to a couple of states and won a few championships and got a few yo-yos for free and start doing whips variations and regens and stalls…people say it’s dope. I have gotten a few people to yo-yo…

MOst of them make it into my videos and no longer yo-yo- now. but!

I got them to start.


Wouldnt want to take out someones eye in a bank. Probably result in a felony charge. ;D

I don’t wait in line at the bank, I use the Teller… But yeah, that sounds like an exception

I walk through the halls of my school during passing period and in class when we aren’t doing anything people always wow you have a lot of free time but then a friend tells them what I actually do and the not very much time I have to do this so they shut up ;D then they ask where they can find yoyos


Ok, but I am the ultimate nerd, Straight A’s, Big Glasses, 2 years ahead in math, in every exel class there is, and I yoyo.

And whenever I do yoyo public, I get stalkers that watch from a distance and won’t approch me and follow me for a mile of so… :o

I have gotten some people to yo and have taught them but:

1st person: quitted learning from because she wanted to learn Double or nothing right off the bat. Her sleeper, today, still needs a lot of work. She thinks she’s better than me.

2nd person: I taught him. Quitted a couple of days later because I taught him 0A, not 1A and people made fun of him.

3rd: Critizises my yo-yos and say that they suck because they are not tug responsive. Learns by himself, uses a clutch, has not learned trapeze after half a year.

4th: My friend got down his trapeze, but because he has a Duncan Butterfly the tricks are limited. Planning on getting him a Journey for his B-Day.

Apparently peer pressure plays a key role in people not yo-yoing.

“Quitted” isnt a word ;D

Too true, many quit because of others.