Questions about 2A string lenght and response system

Hi community,

Two weeks ago got my pair of loop360 and thick lube. I can already loop continuously and do some other stuff with my right hand. I’m kinda sloppy on the left tho.

I’m kinda confused about string length. I know it must be shorter than the usual belly button to floor you use on 1A. I saw that “pocket length” was recommended on the tutorial but that’s kinda weird to me since I wear many different pants at different heights and with different pockets (larger, shorter, whatever). I also read something about hand to neckbone (but again that leaves a lot of room to wonder).
Does anyone know a better “formula” to calculate your ideal 2A string length in function of your total height or arm length ?

BTW I’m 1.87m tall (6.14 ft)

I noticed the loop360 has an O-ring response system which is different from the starburst I see in competition looping yoyos. I know that starburst melts polyester, so:
Will the O-ring also melt polyester if used for intensive 2A ?
Will it make much of a difference in performance when I upgrade to starburst ?

Well for me I use finger to shoulder string length. Sometimes finger to collarbone. Generally the shorter the string is the faster it gets.
I use slick 6 string so i don’t encounter any melting strings. Slick 6 is generally recommended for 2A.
Polyester is rumoured to melt, but when i tried it it didnt seem to make any difference. So i don’t think the response system will cause your string to melt.

As for your looping, you should try to smoothen out your left hand before putting them together. Otherwise your left can’t keep up with your right.
It is a pain to do so but the end result is worth it. It took me a good 2 months to smoothen out my loops.

Thanks for the reply. I’m actually using finger to shoulder now, I thought it was maybe too short 'cause it demands speed at all. As for the string I’ll be sticking to poly then, I like it better and can’t find a good reason besides the melting for going 50/50. Cotton doesn’t really give me confidence and 50/50 color options are so bad.

String length really is a matter of preference. I personally use 100% poly, however it seems that there are many different kinds of poly, some are more plasticy than the others.
I never had poly melting even in fixed axle wooden yoyos, but that may be because some poly may behave differently, and I’m just lucky mine didn’t.

when I first starting messing around with looping I read that nylon melts. I never heard about poly melting until more recently. I use kitty poly for looping all the time and have never had any issue with melting.