Starting 2A. For real this time.

Ok. So Im starting 2A. Seriously this time. I made a thread about this before. But I mean business now :wink:

I can do a few regular loops with my right hand. Still trying to become ambidextrous (use both hands equally well).

I can do about 3-5 loops with my right hand. Before the yoyo flops and dies or goes sideways or something. Still trying to figure out what im doing wrong.

I have been practicing with a SS NXG and like it but i have heard good things about Loop 720’s.

What should I go for?

Oh and length and type of string would be great too!

Thanks guys!

Ask Jayyo hes really good at 2a.

the sunset is just as good as the 720 so its really a do you want new loopers question.
And just practice and try to get straighter and the loops will be better.
There is no right string length but some like up to your belly button and others from the floor to your pocket

Yeah exactly what Pollo said. The 720s and NXG are virtually the same. As for string length, it comes down to preference, obviously shorter than your regular 1A length but i prefer to have mine on the longer side of looping length. I’m just beginning though so take it as you will. Comes down to what feels best. :slight_smile:

I like mine a little shorter than my pocket. Also I think that you should try either the raiders or the nxg’s. Yep I’m agreeing with everyone. I still like the speed beetles best but most people hate the pads. Of course you could do what dirty birdy did and do a loop 720 mod to the speedles!

i like my string really really short im 6’ tall and my string is maybe 2’ long maybe 2 and a half feet. i find i have more control the shorter the string (to a certain extent of course)

Haha well im really tall for a 14 year old…im about 6’3. :o :o :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

you’re 6’3" and you’re 14? :o wow

Yeah, and size 16 wide shoes in mens.

People calle me bigfoot or sasquatch lol

Haha, that’s awesome ;D

2a string length has anything to do with your height. I use string that is cut to 28-30" and use a pair of NXG’s. I took out the old o-rings and put silicone in. I use plain old highlights for string.

My suggestions:
String length, cut them from your finger to the top of your shoulder. Also, that’s just my personal preference, but try it out. It also really depends on the response of the actual yoyo. A wider gap, less responsive looping yoyo will loop a whole lot better with longer strings. A more responsive thinner gap looping yoyo will loop better and faster with shorter strings.

If you’re really interested in 2A, I’d really like to help anyone who is, seeing that 2A players are a dying breed. let me know if you have any more questions.

Also, I suggest 720’s to start off looping. They’re great, reliable, and play the same all the time, so they’re really easy to work with. Then go towards modded Raiders. Can’t go wrong with those!

Cool, thanks guys!!

the loop 720s take to much time to mantain. you have to weave the string in every month or two. i find it a pain. but thats just my opinion