Best looping yoyo to start/ in general

(Tyler Krasavage) #1

Looking to start doing some looping, what should i start with? hear a lot about 1080 900 and 720 loops, no idea which is best. Also what should i know about string size / lube in reguards to 2a?


I would go with the japan edition 720s. And for string length cut it a few inches below your waist. I only lube my 2a yoyos after I clean them which is every 1-2 weeks. A drop of thick lube and a drop of thin lube is all it takes.

(Gethin) #3

Yep 720’s a good place to start, experiment with string length, I like mine to be 30 inches and I’m pretty tall, just test out what you like. I hear the c3 initiators are good but haven’t tried em.




String… slick 6 or straight poly.

30 to 32(approx) finished string length.

Finished string length means you start with a string that is about 4 inches longer than ‘finished’ length. Why? Glad you asked<>

Say… you want to finish with a 32” string. So you start with a 36. When you tie your first loop; let’s shoot for a string loop 1 inch long. And since the loop has two sides; you just used up 2” of string. Now you pull the string through the loop so you can put your finger into it. That secondary loop your finger goes through will take up another 2”. So if you do it just right; you’ll end up with a 32 incher.:wink:

Just remember when you are dialing in your ideal string length; always factor in another 4 inches.

720’s aren’t adjustable(unless you shim or change spacers(not recommended).
You don’t adjust the yoyo to the string. You simply adjust the string to the 720’s.

Find the length that allows you to keep the yoyos so the arc moves between the waist on the low to the neck level on the high.

If you are using good form but you just can’t keep the yoyos ‘up’ then your strings are too long. If you throw them straight out but they just want to ‘go up’ than your strings are too short.

Make an effort to get both strings to come out as close to the same length as possible to avoid timing problems.



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