How much is the shipping here? I mean International Shipping (I’m not sure if i buy here. Here in YYE, To Philippines)
Cuz I will now a buy a Yo-yo! :smiley:
50$ Budget.

And another…

Example i buy a Auldey L3, How many days/weeks/months/years;D will the silicone o-ring will peel-off?
I mean how often will i replace it?, Is it last long? And how many pairs of silicone o-rings will i buy?

And also tell me how the L3 plays, and I notice they are so many YYJ size bearings, What bearing will i buy/choose? …


I’m not sure how much it is, but if you check YYE’s International Shipping page ( and ask André, I’m sure he can help you out. However, I think priority mail international is around $13. Not sure though.

You can’t exactly gauge how long it will be before the silicone peels off, but it should be a couple months. It does last long, and how many you buy is up to you. I suggest about two or three and picking up some flowable silicone for the future.

I thought you had a speedmaker coming your way? ???

Anyway, shipping to Singapore costed $25 or so, so i think it should be around the same for Philippines.

Haha. That’s why I PM’ed you before bout my friend is going to singapore and buy me a Speedmaker.
That is different.

And I’ll also buy with my own Saved money. :smiley: Now you understand it Louisezz :D.

So It will arrive surely At the middle or the end of August. :slight_smile:

The L3 is a great yoyo. I use one for my main throw.

The o-rings have no set length of time before they wear out, you will just notice slippy binds. If you want to buy new o-rings, go ahead and get, like Samad said, as many as you think you need/want but also get some flowable silicone so you will be set with your response for a long time.

Where did you bought it Apetrunk?
Does YYF 888 Silicone pads fit L3?
and is L3 can have also slight tight binds if I break in the Stock silicone pads in it?. :smiley:

I have bought mine from other people but it looks like has them. If they aren’t in stock you can search the internet for “L3 yoyo” or something and you should find some.

The L3 uses silicone o-rings, not pads, so I don’t think any pads will fit.