Question for Colin!- new trick creation?

Hey Colin, i would like to know, what’s your take on creating new tricks. I’m asking this, because i have a hard time coming up with new tricks recently. Majority of my tricks that i consider “really good” were actually made by accident, when i did a mistake and something cool popped up. Trying various elements from different mounts is probably the way to go, but i just don’t get how you come up with like a complex slack trick (e. g. Takeshi or Evan’s new video). Thanks, MK


I also kinda just stumble upon creating new tricks on accident, haha. I think changing my mindset about what I value really helped me… in 2017 I decided that trying to make strictly competitive tricks was pretty boring, so I decided to just have fun with it. I got pretty lucky with being able to make tricks. Of course, try watching players you usually don’t watch, work with mounts you don’t do, and try having a focus when yo-yoing, too. Think something like “What do I want this trick to be like?” and questions similar to that. :slight_smile: