Question about Worlds


So I’ll be in Orlando for a national fine arts competition at the same time that Worlds is going on. Will there be vendors/players/anything outside of the hotel that I can go to? (Didn’t register or anything sooo.) Never been to a contest and probably won’t get a chance to again for quite a while and I was REALLY hoping I’d be able to do something while I was in the area. Especially considering we’ve got $75 worth of spending money to go along with what we’ve already got.


There are not vendors set up outside, they are only allowed to sell inside the ballroom. BUT, there are tons of people yoyoing inside and outside of the hotel at all hours of the day/night. You can go inside the hotel, but outside of the ballroom, and be around tons of people throwing, juggling, whatever. You just have to pay to go inside of the ballroom. You may find some individuals selling/trading outside.


Is their a mod contest this year


There is a kiosk outside the ballroom where you can register and get a photo pass.


You can still get a floor pass at the door. Just can’t compete.


They usually sell day passes for cheap, that’s all you need to get in to the vendors/main hall. Plenty of yoyo players -everywhere- though.

YES there is a mod contest this year.



i sent like 3 emails asking about it and no response


Yea, the mod contest isn’t run by the people who run the worlds email account… so things often don’t get relayed well. It’s exceptionally annoying.

IF by chance, you get to registration and they say they aren’t taking the mod contest entries, punch them in the face and leave it there anyway. Last year some idiot in registration didn’t know what was going on and was turning away mod contest entries… so I’ll be clear just in case, TURN IN MOD CONTEST ENTRIES AT THE REGISTRATION DESK.