Question about this yomega yoyo

So I found in my draw the whole lotta yoyo’s I collected back in the 90’s and they are basically yomega.

I found a saber raider and well I have a problem that yoyo and the fireball. Maybe it’s cause I am used to automatic and all (X-brain,brain, power brain…etc)

but when the yoyo goes down some times it just shoots down like 2/3 of the way. It like just dumps to the ground and I have a hard time having control of that yoyo.

Also I am not familiar when yoyo is just about done sleeping and you should bring it up.

I just wanna say are yoyos supposed to be like that? Or I am not used to them? Or there is something wrong with that yoyo?

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I’m not sure exactly what you mean, but the 2/3 of the way down the string sounds like there is a snag in the wraps sometimes.

what he means by that is when it gets 2/3s the way down the yoyo slips. Get some new string and wind it tighter.

Sry about the double post I been on gamefaqs for a while and theres no edit button so I guess I was used to that and wasn’t thinking.

The raider is kinda weird I mean the string is tied to the axel (the metal stick part) and theres a little thin circuluar donut shape chip thing that goes over the string.

Is it missing something to hold the string?
Or maybe I should try to salvage one of them string holders from another yoyo and put it on the saber raider.

I don’t wanna ruin it tho. So what do yall think?

That is the bearing. It does not go over the string. The string goes over the bearing. Try putting the yo-yo together; and then putting the string on it.

It works better where I have more control. But for some reason it isn’t sleeping. Any reason for this?

and the string just broke sigh Any way to fix that strong? Or just get another string?

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Hit the thank you button on accident. Oh well.

Broken strings are broken.

Did you put the string around the bearing?

This is a pic of my saber Raider and this is all that came with it. Tell me if there’s a problem.

Yes, you have to put the string around the bearing not beside it. Check out the video here on the site about putting a string on a yoyo. I hope I could help.

Time for a diagram. This should look vaguely like your yo-yo.

Look at this diagram and then look at your dissembled yo-yo. There should be three round metal pieces that go around the axle. One of them is smaller in diameter than the other two. This is the bearing. This is what the string should sit on. The other two that are larger are the spacers. These hold the bearing when the yo-yo is assembled. Look even closer at the spacers. One side will be smooth, the other will have a small groove on it. The grooved side should touch the bearing.

Maybe the yoyo didn’t come with that bearing or I lost it. Can I salvage another bearing from another yoyo and use it for my saber raider? OR will that ruin it?

If you have another Yomega Ball Beraing yoyo, you can use that bearing. Otherwise you can order an E Size bearing on I believe, I know the bearing size is an E.

You know where I can find pictures of the different types of bearings? Cause I got lots of yomega yoyo’s and can “borrow” a bearing from one I don’t really like.

That would be a great help if you can get pictures or maybe some more info.

Let’s look at one of your pictures.

You do have the bearing; the blue arrow is pointing to it. The red arrow is pointing to one of the spacers. It looks to me that you are missing one of the spacers.

If you have the Yomega Raider, you can swap the parts in and out.You are definitely missing one of the spacers. Here’s a pic of my Raider.