Queastion about CLYW "Mischief" Edition Chief

So I recently sold ALL of my clyw including 4 chiefs that I had I had a light version, two regular version and I also had a 7075 chief. So now I have nothing to compare this chief that I just got with, it feels really light tho and I am not sure if its the lighter version or the regular current weight version. I have a feeling that its the lighter version because it feels somewhat like the black bip bop chief that i had, I just want to be 100% certain .

So If anyone knows which weight version that would be amazing!

Thanks to anyone who answers in advance! :slight_smile:

I thought you were trying to get more Chiefs, not get rid of them o.O

I’m like 80% sure it’s a light run. The mischief Colourway hasn’t been made in a long time. I’ve tried to get a mischief due to the fact that Imsure it’s a light run. They’re hard to come by.


Yeah I had updated my bst saying I was looking fora chief cause I sold all of my clyw cause something happened with my finicial aid ad school loans so I had to hurry up and come up with money. One dude bought 6 Clyw’s for 1100$

BBB chief
Chickentstrips chief
Caribou street chief
Grey bip bop cliff
Bushman avalanche
Hulk smash AC

It wasn’t enough but got me closer then I was and didn’t want to take a break from school so the throws had to go, it was unexpected that I had to sell them but its okay. I kept most of my general yo throws and now I have a cliff and a chief so ill be okay. I figured lowering the amount of yoyos I had wouldt be a bad thing, and it hasn’t been, I traded my unengraved majesty for this chief was a good trade. After I had left my chiefs go I regretted It but now that I have this mischief ill be straight

Happy throwing guys!

Bummer. :confused: sorry to hear that

But as a teacher, I can say that you made the right decision.

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