Save the Heavier Version of the CLYW Chief!


Hi everyone,

Chris from CLYW put a poll up on facebook to decide whether or not to keep making the heavier(66.2g) version of the Chief. He was planning on just making the lighter version but has generously offered to make a poll to make his decision. He will continue to release the lighter chief no matter the results of the poll but if you do prefer the lighter chief you should still vote.

So if you want the heavier version of the chief to continue being released along with the lighter version, sign into facebook, find the poll on the CLYW wall, and vote for the heavier version:



the poll was tied a few minutes ago.


I didn’t know there were special versions?! Interesting very very interesting…


according to Chris its like this

1st run light
2nd run heavy
3rd run light
4th run heavy

but I’ve read the difference is due to different machinist, I’ve even heard OD machined some of those runs. at this point honestly I have no idea.

(Jei Cheetah) #5

I prefer the light version myself but I know many others like heavier yoyos.


When will the voting close btw? I am not even buying one until the bst value lowers about 60$.


that will take some time…


I wish clyw fanboys weren’t so gaga over all the stuff clyw puts out even if it was terrible they would pay 150$ for it.


lmao … thats probably true … i actually spent the money i was saving for a canvas on the chief and it was worth it … so worth it that i had to curve out of my budget for this year (not buying anything for a while) to get a second one… still worth it IMO

i got both heavy and light version and both play pretty much the same… but you do notice a difference if you just play with one like an entire week and then switch to the heavy one or vice versa.


I like the lighter version much better. but if he’s gonna make it no matter what, I see no harm in also producing the heavier version for those who want it.


Ya plus the more he makes, the more $ he makes.


If and when I have the money,
I’ll take any chief I can get ahold of :stuck_out_tongue: