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Hey guys, I need help on quite a few parts of Quantum, here’s the vid/tut/breakdown.


I need help on:

0:55-0:57, I have no idea what I do there, which way do I move my Non-throw hand?

0:58, Do I pop in between the 2 stirngs onto the back or do I pop to the back from the back?

1:05, Idk what strings I drop on both hands.

1:07, What do I do there?

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Working on it.


0:55: just use your non-throw hand to pinch the string, and use your throw hand to release the loop.

0:58: pop the yoyo from you to the back string.

1:05: it doesn’t drop, you just over-mount the yoyo onto the string.

1:07: use your thumb to hold the loop, and do a little trapeze, then pop out to the back string, DROP! After that, continue learning the tutorial.

Happy Throwing! =]

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Thanks! I got everything down now except the last part. Which stirng do I pass the yoyo on to get into a GT?


Try to watch the last part to see what the yoyo is going. This should help a lot.

Happy Throwing! =]


most awesome trick keep up the awesome job.


Thanks, you just reminded me that I need to finish learning this trick ;D


I have problem… When I go to like double or nothing I just land on two strings :frowning:

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Anyways when your swinging the yoyo around your fingers make the strings more spaced out so the yoyo lands on just the front string.