cold fusion reverse

Cold Fusion is a cool trick. Partly because you can do it BACKWARDS. I don’t have anything to film with yet so i’ll just give you the rundown. You should be able to partly figure it out just by knowing cold fusion.
1.Do a trapeze
2. Swing the yoyo over right finger and go into a 1.5 mount. Like in the matrix except instead of double or nothing it’s a 1.5.
3.Swing the 1.5 mount over your index thats hoding it. Then just unswing it.
4.Move your NTH index (keep the string thats around it on) and push into the string to the farthest right (if your right handed) of the 1.5 mount (this action is done from the side of the 1.5 mount facing you. If you take the shortest route wiht your NTH index you should be fine). If your not shure which string cross your NTH over you TH. The string that seperats from the other two is the one i’m talking about. Mount it on that string by bring your NTH index down under the yoyo.
5. You now have something that looks sorta like a double or nothing. You have 2 string going over your right index and 2 over your left index. Bring your right index away from the 2 strings on it and to the left. Push into the string (on the left and in front) and mount the yoyo is mounted on it. Your now in a double or nothing.
6. Pop the yoyo off the strings and around your fingures dismount the yoyo. This is just swinging it in the oppisote direction you would use to get into it. you can figure it out.

Well thats it. If you have trouble examine cold fusion more closely. Sorry i couldn’t post a video.