Cold fusion question

So, I’m working on my cold fusion and there’s something that’s hard to see in the vid.

After you roll over your NTH like the Buddhas revenge move and then roll back to a 1.5 mount… The next part is the extra roll on the throw hand pointer. Is that just an extra loop around the pointer? Or is it a double-on 1.5 mount?

I can do the trick both ways, but can’t tell which is correctly matching the tutorial.


It really is just a second spin. Nothing complicated.

Right on! That makes the trick easier to make that last part smooth! Thanks for the clarification.

Actually, double-on 1.5 mount is easier than just another loop, at least for me. Why? For extra loop you have to move the top string slightly to the side and the yoyo can tilt.

I just move my NTH back toward me slightly and that string moves out if the way.