Help with Theorem

I’ve gotten to the part at 3:00 where you go into a 1.5 mount with the extra wrap, but every time I go through the trick, I can’t get the extra wrap. Enlighten me please?

Actually, you go into a 1.5 mount and you let go the string that is on your non-throw hand and then you press into the string that comes from your throw-hand middle finger and after that you land into a 1.5 + an extra roll :slight_smile: .

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Thanks, but my problem is I’m not getting the extra wrap, I just get a regular 1.5 mount.

Hey, could you make a video showing your problem because I really don’t see how you can’t get it ??

Are you dropping the string 2:01, because that is where the actually extra loop is created. and when he says an extra loop he does not mean a 1.5 mount that is doubled on. The extra loop is from you TH finger around your pointer.