Putting tricks on index cards

I once did this (putting trick names with a note if needed) on index cards.

When I’m bored, I just shuffle through them and pick one to work on. Variations discovered can be placed on the card.

All my cards many years ago are missing, but started them back up. A card may say something as easy as Eli hops, or as complicated as Rancid Milk. Rancid milk may have a note of something I tend to forget (if I can decipher my own comment!)

Do you think this is obsessive? When I’m up to about 50 or so, I’ll stop creating them and just rehearse them for a while.

Many people are much more organic in their practice, just whatever comes to mind. The cards serve as a reminder to pull a trick out a little deeper down in the hat!

Great idea! I’ll have to try this!