So keeping with my typical way of just buying randomly based in what is pretty when I really have no preferences as long as it isn’t the worst throw of life, I have decided I would like a purple yoyo. I have seen them in videos and honestly I just think its the greatest colour of yoyo I’ve ever seen! So my question to all of you is what yoyos are available in purple really? Just any name is okay, money not an issue, I just like purple and it is very time consuming looking through all the yoyos on this site for them all. So any that you know off the top of your head :slight_smile: I’m looking at a purple super g right now but anything that looks cooler is welcome. This purchase is strictly about how nice it looks :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t care about which plays this way or that :stuck_out_tongue: okay well this was long. I like to rant, and yes I know that I ask not very interesting questions :smiley:

facade is one of my favorite and it looks freekin awesome!!!

CLYW has beautiful purple/pinkish throws.

Yeah, the Berry Berry colorways are pretty amazing. They also have that same color with a gray speckle called Ash Berry that looks pretty cool. I’ve only seen it on the latest run of the Chief and I think that colorway is sold out.

The only purple throw I have is a purple Yuuksta.

I agree though, purple yoyos do look pretty cool.

Just got a One Drop Cascade in Midnight Storm, most gorgeous ano i’ve seen i think, i put on a set of purple ultralight side effects and it’s stunning.

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Thanks. :slight_smile:


Also look at the MVP, there’s a nice purple/silver version.

turning point solenoid

code 2

Magic YoYO makes some purple throws.

I think there is a Hazmat that is black/purple

Some of the Midnight Storms and Zombie Storm One Drop colorways have purple in it.

I like this purple yo-yo. One of my faves actually. :slight_smile:

DSCN3919 by lj_vegabomb, on Flickr

It’s one of the nicest looking throws I own and it’s cheap!

A purple Spyy Addiction came in my mail yesterday.

I really like the purple 888. I think it is an 888x available in purple now.

don’t forget DiBase

and almost any other c3yoyo metal

I only like purple throws that are polished, that being said plenty of C3 and TP throws look astounding!

ilyy sakura is beautiful and an amazing throw to boot!

The Hspin Beysick has a version in purple, the 3x3 battle edition (which YYE has), also, the XCube La Goutte has a purple version.

Good luck choosing from the many examples!


I have the DiBase in a beautiful purple, not a splash, just plain shiny purple. excellent yo-yo…and the price is right, can’t beat it. Highly recommended.

Duncan metal Drifter looks sick in purple.

Actually you need a Maxbet with laser engraving or Messiah, these purple attract me so much

I really only like purple on polished yoyos. My purple/gold Supernova looks really nice.