My humble yoyo collection.

Just thought I’d share for all those that want to see my humble collection of yoyos. Nothing to gawk at unfortunately.

Starting from left to right ranked by how well the yoyo plays in my opinion :
YoYoJam ENEME(first buy, bad decision)
Adegle asteroid and raw/polished dv888( each are interchangeable)
magic yoyo t5(beater and walkaround throw, new)
OD burnside (first A grade yoyo, love it)
CLYW Fool’s gold avalanche(amazing yoyo, nuf said)
CLYW arctic circle(the holy grale of my collection, only gets played in a padded room)

Sorry for the blurry image, stupid hand tremors.

My conclusion? Only three purple throws = need more purple throws.

Lol, yes. You can never have too many purple throws. I think it’s cuz purple looks great with many color strings

Violet throws with yellow string looks amazing.

Thats because they are complementary colors! I guess art class wasn’t useless after all.

I know! I’m in Interior Design.

OK? lol my favorite color is purple, so that’s why I like throws that are that color so much. I did notice that neon yellow string goes very well with it though, have to get more of that. > .>

Neon yellow strings go with everything! Having said that, I do like the look of purple throws with neon orange strings.


Your humble collection? Dude, I’ve got a grand total of four yoyos, and my DM is an ancient relic from a bygone era.

Agreed, I think you have a really nice collection. One day maybe I’ll have that many :slight_smile:

Thanks! It was hard getting to this trust me, I had to wait many years before I could even think about buying my own yoyos. I also just added a faded 28 stories FG chief to my collection recently, had to sell some video games that I dont play anymore for it. I couldn’t resist. :stuck_out_tongue: