Pure Love


just a video i made today showcasing the SPYY PURE.

its also been about a year since i started or almost a year so i will consider this to be my 1 year video.

also again this is the very first video i have done and edited so constructive criticism is welcome!



Very nice video! You are very smooth.

(Mitch) #3

Great… Real smooth… I love the song… May I ask what it is and who its by?

Keep up the good work!

(D@§h!zn!t) #4

Nice man!!! Love the song!!!


Nice video, very good yoyoing. I love the Gyro Swing!!! One of my favorite tricks.


Really nice video! What yoyo are you using?

I’m Yours by Jason Mraz.

Look him up, He’s a great singer/songwriter


as i said in my post, its a SPYY Pure.

thanks for all the comments guys, i really was not expecting it to come out this well.


oops… :-X

(Jei Cheetah) #9

Hey Freedom! Nice video!
Your skills have gotten so good since I first met you.

I like your style very much, very smooth.




Nice smoothness tricks. The video at 1:02 to 1:07, that trick you learned it from me!

Happy Throwing! =]


um no i didn’t, i learned the first bit from a friend and then the rest i made up.

(Jeromy K.) #12

nice finger work, I want to throw one some day, how do they feel do the relate to any other yo-yo on feel and play?

(_|@<06) #13

Smoooth! great job!


Apparently, you did. According to Starscreem88, he was the first person ever to do that, make it up, and popularize it…


you are smooth so it makes yours tricks ever better!

impressive i enjoyed!


Very good! I’m suprised somebody actually bought one.


Great, beautiful, excellent.


Great and smooth. I think music don’t fit it.

(Mitch) #19

What?!? The music was purfect! His smooth flowing style went great with the song!

By the way my mom was singing this song and asked if there were any good videos and she always complains that I make her watch too many yoyo videos but she fell in love with this…

Your awesome freedom!