Pure (video)


Comments and constructive criticism is appreciated.



Cant see any criticism needed it was all smooth and well executed :smiley: good job




Nice! You’re very smooth.

Happy Throwing! =]


Thanks everyone!

(SR) #6

Wow! You are amazing, I loved it!

(Jesse) #7

The only criticism that I have is that you’re wearing a YYN shirt. Lol. Great video!


Whats the song? Something by Phoenix?
I like the haircut.


Consolation prizes by phoenix, thanks.
Any one have any tips on getting better?


psh right… thats a + imo


Are you crazy!? That was too awesome to need to be better! :smiley:


Haha, thanks. But there is always room for improvement, especially at the level im on.


Its hard to think you need improvement.


heres something you could work on
learn new tricks
learn to nail em perfect just like this
make a new video ;D

yah this one was darn near perfect

oh wait cept for the fact that your wearing a yoyonation shirt AND THIS IS ON YOYO EXPERT!!
no biggie


1 : smooth and cool vid nothing to say about it : class and no prob

2 : i actually try to make a vid as clear as possible but never managed to have enought light and my dark screen is closer from blue… how did you get such a perfect ambiance .? (sunlight , spot ?)

3 : Personnaly i think that the next level for you (to make your tricks cooler) would be to had difficulties : slacks , chopsticks , rejections , etc

you may not like all off them … but i think they’re is many way for you to improve your style !

Finnaly it’s a great vid and i can’t wait for the next one ! I subscribed you ! (destremx on youtube ^^)


I also like that you shortened your old tricks a bit.
How does the VSOP Pure play?


Thanks everyone!

Its good, has a slight vibe, but nothing to keep me from loving it.


Ya loll thats all

(Mitch Ginder) #19

Here’s something you should try.

Go start sucking at yoyoing so we don’t look as bad, thanks.