super smooth yoyo vid XD

i hope u guys like the video i just got my new marcrocosm and its amazing and i made a few new tricks so i thought why not show them off i will b making tutorials on my youtube channel so enjoy :slight_smile:        youtube channel:) --------->

nice . how long u been throwin?

iv been throwing for 10 months:)

good job man!! u should try to learn some more techy tricks. u have smoothness down well! good vid

thanks and i do hav more tecky tricks down but i want to perfect them and smooth them out b4 i put them up thats how i do all my vids and this one had my fav trick in it :slight_smile:

ok that makes sense. i really like this combo also hahah!

haha thanks bro and i like the vid u posted and goddam this was an annoying one right next to a fww on my channel but it was fun either wy ill post more here soon :slight_smile:

looking forward to it ill sub and watch it!

thanks bro im planning on putting like two more up this week thts not too normal for me but i just got a new yoyo so im exited XD

sweet! what yoyos do u have? it be pretty cool to see a collection vid from ya! haha

lol ya know thats actualy a good idea ill to that too so i guess its 3 vids this week XD and i hav a few so ill show ya in the vid :slight_smile:

yey! looking forward to it haha . i think i just made a friend hahaha

yes u did bro and ur not goin to wortlds this year so next year when u see me u will b very suprissed at wat u see i parctice every day XD

sweet but i wish i could go to worlds hahah

haha yea dont wrry ill tell ya how it goes :slight_smile:

good hahah

haha yup :slight_smile: so u hav me on youtube just either message me or call or tyxt me im a talkative person and nother yoyoer on my contacts wont hurt at all : 305 647 8633

aight cool mine is 405 618 4353 whats your name ? mine is cameron

mine is ozzy :slight_smile: im a big yoyoer so if u see me txting that im yoyoing alot its cuz i am xD