Yoyo Rave

This is my FAVORITE of all my vids!


Awesome video! It is my favorite too. :wink:

Dope Bro.

Great video! I really like the song even though it’s WAY overused. You have improved immensly since you started yoyoing. good job

thankz ive realized that too in all my vids i get a tad better but since my laptop had broke i hadnt made a vid in 1month then when i made one i was way better then the previous vid

i really like it!!

i think this is your best video
and what song is it
wow deja vu

you should start putting your song names at the end ;D

17 years-ratatat

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kimmet… KIMMET!!!

Great job. I like how you can only really see the string and the yoyo. It gives a cool effect on some tricks.

awesome song and aesome vid what is song name pm me it :slight_smile:

I’m going to quote myself.