Punchline vs Superstar vs G5


I have a punchline which I like, but I thought it was a little heavy and slow. (I’m a fast yoyo type of person) I may be able to trade it for a Superstar or G5, so which do you recomend?


probably the superstar, but none of those are really fast


The Chik probably.

I tried one. They’re pretty good.

Nice and kinda fast


A lot of people recommend the Punch Line as a rather floaty yoyo. :wink: I haven’t tried the Repeater but it’s only 1g heavier.

Not saying either are light (they are not) but that it’s not considered a heavy and slow model! I certainly don’t find it heavier and slower than the majority of my yoyos.

Out of the yoyos you listed, I don’t have a recommendation. But you should consider a Code 1 if you want light and nimble. That probably doesn’t help your trade scenario.


Oh the punchline was solid to me. I already have a code 1 and it’s my favorite yoyo!


Heh, should’ve looked at the sidebar!

Was it an original Punch Line or the Repeater? Just curious at this point. It’s mostly the OG that’s referred to as “floaty”.


Hmmm, it’s the og


That’s odd. I consider the OG Punchline to be a pretty floaty throw, similarly to the Code 1. I guess this just shows how vague the term “floaty” is.


YeaH the, punchline was more flowy to me than floaty.


The superstar is a whole lot faster than the G5 in terms of play


They both can go fast if you take off the stacks and put nubs on though