punchline or hatrick or 44

which would be the best? i like a good sleep time, smooth and stable, probably not too large, butterfly or wing shaped, probably not H shaped and good grinds (though it is not needed). i usually like the way weights on the rims feel. color doesnt matter. thanks for the recommendation :smiley:

i edited my post from punchline or 888x or hatrick or genesis to what it is now

i would choose the 888x its perfect at grinds and its super smooth it has just one problem is not stable :stuck_out_tongue: sorry

i would personaly get the buddha king 2. great for string stricks, and who doesn’t like a good sleeper. I find it so fun to watch it spin at the end of the string for hours on end. Now there’s only one thing left to do, buy it!!

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LOLOLOLOL, the buddha king 2 is terrible for string tricks, it’s ONLY ment for sleeping, it’s just a novelty yoyo.

yeah i know and so does he. he was just joking around. i know him personally :smiley:

wait a couple of weeks ang get a 44 with hubstacks on it or get the new fundemetal thats coming out

forget the axiom go with either the hatrick genesis or 888x
or just wait a bit and get 44 with
ur choice

I have a pyro light. It has a long smooth spin. I got one after I was slightly in the advanced section. Now after a month I can do and whuts and suicides. I’m going to get mine signed by Takeshi! I saw him in person twice and forgot about it getting signed lol!

i could have put many more yoyos because there are SO many good ones. i could have added 44, MVP, y factor to list a few. btw how great is the y factor?

Out of the ones you listed, just draw names out of a hat or something. I’ve tried all of them, and the only one of those I haven’t owned is the Genesis. Your preferences seem to narrow your choices down for you. Punchline and Genesis are H shaped, and the Hatrick outperforms the 888 in stability, so out of those given, I’d say a Hatrick is the best fit for you.

Either way though, you may be surprised if you take a step outside of your comfort zone - sometimes those ones may become the ones you reach for the most. Any of those is destined to become a main player.

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GENESIS FTW!!! :smiley:

yes i have been told that the hatrick would be the best for me :wink:

i would have to say the 888x is the choice
look at it
awesome at grinds
(my opinion)

Yes, but he said he wanted stable, an area in which the 888x suffers but the Hatrick excels. Keep in mind to consider every one of the OP’s preferences (or as close as possible) before just recommending your favorite yoyo.

I know the Gnarwhal by CLYW isn’t on the list, but it seems to cover all your requirements. The String Theory Remnant also, but I’m not sure how you feel about the inverted bell shape, personally these are two of my fav throws. I’ve heard nothing but great things about the Hattrick…some even say that it’s TOO good of a yoyo, which I don’t get, lol

If you take the hubs off the 888x it becomes much more stable but i still do like the hatrick better.

what about the 44, campfire and bassalope?

definitely get the 888x. possibly the best yoyo ever made. i gots a silver one with orange string anad it is beast. hey also, all of u peeps in this forum, the 888x is the yoyo to go for if u r wonderin what to buy next.[color=orange]http://[color=purple][/color][/color]