pulsefire vibe

people who have it
does one half of yours vibe more than the other half

I need to ask how you determine it is one half as being responsible for this since both halves are bound together.

I know this sounds crazy, but I’ve experienced, when doing a fingernail test on a few yoyos, that one half spins smoothly while the other half chatters away. In the end it’s not a huge deal

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You’re not crazy, my basselope does exactly what you have described and it makes finger grinds an “Interesting” experience.

Both sides on my Pulsefire vibe pretty equally. Mine vibes quite severely if I don’t set the axle in the right position.

I couldn’t tell a difference from each side. ^ That stinks you got a vibey one mine is pretty mild.

I just want to add that I too have had this happen to one of my yo-yos where it seemed that only 1 side of the yo-yo vibed while the other side was significantly smoother. How does that even happen? I’m legitimately curious.

Here is a simple answer>

Without getting into Static or Dynamic balance type verbiage, I will offer some easy insight.

Think of a Yoyo as a spoked bicycle wheel. If the hub is centered Exactly in the middle of the rim and the tire is amazingly molded evenly; the bicycle will potentially roll smoothly because( not considering other contributing factors regarding the rest of the bike) the wheel is spinning ‘Concentric’(centered from dead center to outer rolling edge).

If you see a bicycle rolling down the street and the tire or tires are moving from side to side; that is called runout. (Spokes not evenly tightened or too much curb hopping, etc.).

Concerning runout and concentricity, one can happen without the other.

So in the case of a yoyo(as a little tire so to speak) you can do two fingernail tests: one against the outer edge of the Yoyo and the other against the circumference edge of the Yoyo.

You can have a Yoyo that exhibits no chatter and the other ‘chatter’. Centered but failing the Runout edge test.

It is very possible for one half of a Yoyo to pass the fingernail test and the other half of the same Yoyo to fail.

Easily proven.

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