pulse jet bicycle

Yep I’m going to build one. I’m going to have fun with this project. I’m hoping for at least 60 mph. That’s 96 kph for those not using mph.

Something similar to this.


Creating my own frame of course.

Don’t burn yer leg!!!
And wear ear plugs.

I remember seeing smaller ones on u-control model airplanes. Quite loud.

Yeah I’ve been around a pulse jet in action and they are VERY loud. My design will have heat shields though. I’ve thought this through for a while now. It’s time to get to the drawing plans stage.

Im an amateur rocket enthusiast and pulse jets are fascinating to me as well. Super high power to weight ratio. Not as much as rockets but its sustainable power vs quick burn offs and your done. Awesome idea keep me posted.

Propane as a fuel i suppose? At least thats what most use right?

Well it all depends. some have used kerosine and some diesel. I’ll be starting with propane but as soon as this job I’m getting starts and I get the OK from the higher ups I’ll be using a gas called Magnegas. It’s a new, no carbon emitting fuel. It’s very new. I mean the company is only around three years old. Made from glycol and hydrogen. I want to use it as an advertisement for the company. Trying to run it at race tracks and things like that. It will be a venture that I am excited about.

Here is a link to their site.


Wow :o epic…
Good luck.
Don’t fall off.

Not a chance. If the bike goes well I’ll make a twin engine trike and go for a quarter mile record. lol

Stay safe. Nobody here wants to lose you.

At the same time, it appears work is picking up for you. Excellent!

Sounds like an awesome adventure! Wear a helmet.

Just play chicken on the rail road, cheaper way to die lol. Jokes aside, this looks like a fun invention! Safety precautions first ;D

If necessity is the mother of invention, I want to know the story behind this…

Screw necessity. Fun is more like it. Also I’m not inventing. It’s been done many many times.

Story is nothing more than its something that interests me.

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I’ve hit 50mph (80km/h) in a suburban street on a pretty average bike (hybrid, no cleats, baggy shorts, etc.) just pedaling on a good downhill - I’m pretty sure you could go MUCH faster with a pulse jet. As long as your frame is stable and you can hold on and control the thing, you’ll be flying!

This is why I shouldn’t try to make witty comments…

I guess this invention is necessary to have fun.

I was just having fun wi ;)th your witty comment.

See I hate motorized travelling, but this is just epic. A car is lame, a motorized bike is lame, pulse jet bicycle? best thing ever. I don’t know how traffic laws work in the US, but I find it hard to see such a thing not getting any attention from some form of authority.

There is no way I could ride it on the street. It would get impounded. (taken away by authorities)

Abandon runways and drag strips will be the only place to ride it.

…oh boy…

That would be not good