want to win a free yoyo?

Want to win a free pulsefire?

Post why you think the pulsefire would be a good fit for your playstyle. Posts include but are not limited to:
Text posts
videos demonstrating why it would be good for your playstyle
Be creative!

deeadline 1/31


Diameter: 55.5mm


Mass: 63.53grams

Profile: Step straight

Body Material: 7075 Aluminium

Finish: Raw

Bearing type: 10 ball concave grooved

Bearing size: C

Response: IrPad Yoyorecreation size

Finish: Raw

what is the pulsefire? can you give us pics?

Horizontal plays. I have wanted to learn more horizontal plays and Pulsefire sounds like it can really help me with that!

Ps Plusefire looks insanely nice!

Why would the pulsefire fit my play style? First off, angularity, I love angular yoyos, they just feel so right, it also helps with string hits, witch is important with how i play. Second, speed! I LOVE SPEED, and with that steep shape and 7075 aluminum it will totally be able to keep up! Third, finger spins, with that sweet cup and all that rim weight they should be a breeze. Second to last, horizontal, this will totally help with that.

And last but not least, there may be a very high probability that when i throw the pulsefire for the first time the string may wind around and attach itself to my arm…

Proof enough?

Link to other store removed

All, it’d be nice to throw a metal that isn’t my supernova… The shape would be good so I can land tricks. Im progressing slowly and need all the help I can get!

Why would I want to win a pulsefire? Well…

-I LOVE raw yoyos!
-it looks fast, and I love that
-looks amazing for grinds
-a metal besides my code2 is always nice

Last, but not least, I didn’t write a haiku for no reason.

To win a pulsefire…
Oh, to play sheer awesomeness…
I must make it mine!

I tried. Good luck guys!

This is a really great yoyo! Especially if you are into light and fast, this is beastly. Had a few people play it, all good things to say! I have a anodized version, there are various colors. The blast is very, very light. Great feel, not super grinds though.

Raw yoyos generally do not grind.

It has speed which I love!!!
a great fell for the size of my hands
a nice angular feel which lets me go frrom 1 trick to another quickly
has a great smooth play :wink:

this yoyo is good at my favorite type of tricks…WHIPS!!!
azunyan is doing a very nice thing in giving out a pulsefire :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Obviously it would help with my horizontal play like many others, but it would help the most with these slacks I’ve been learning recently, but not only would it help with my play style, but my fashion style, one of the nicest looking yoyos in my opinion.

Also, is this a random drawing kind of deal or you favorite pick?

Why I think the Pulsefire would be a good fit for me:

1: Light weight. I’m so used to really heavy (or at least heavy feeling) 7075 throw that feels like a tank. This seems like it might be different. I feel it could play fast and light, yet easy to control because it seems to have the rim weight that will prevent it from being uncontrollably fast.

  1. Raw. Whenever I get the chance, I always get raw. Why?
    I love the look
    I enjoy the feel of aluminum without ano, etc.
    Nice and shiny, perfect for the stage.

Which is another reason I think this would be a good fit:

  1. I’m going to compete for the first time this year, and something raw, lightweight, and fast would be amazing. Seems like it could go along as a backup with my Prestige, which is lightweight and raw as well.

Overall really liking the looks of this throw, and if I don’t win I will eventually want one when they’re released!

Just so you all know, these are released, but Andre is not quite interested it holding small runs, so I’m selling them independently. This is just a chance for a lucky winner to experience the yoyo.


I want it because I don’t know what it is and I like yoyos.

A Pulsefire would be a nice fit for my play style because lightweight, full sized yoyos produce such a beautiful feel, that other specs just can’t produce. The lightweight makes the yoyo move from string to string so effortlessly and the full size makes hitting the desired string so manageable. When playing an undersized yoyo and really concentrating on string placement to hit the desired string, the feel I get when moving to a larger lightweight yoyo is amazing, the tricks just fall into place so cleanly, It just gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

The pulse fire appears to show my love for the stepped v shape along with light weight and relatively large diameter and slightly wider width.
My play style tends to lean towards yoyos like this due to my very bouncy technical style and slow whips with many fast transfers.
Lighter yoyos with. Larger catchzone such as the Pulsefire would really help this style in terms of accuracy and being able to accelerate at a moments notice, and change direction easily.
I also love to play with Lacerations and stepped V shapes tend to allow the string to slide to the gap much more easily then H and O shapes do. The best way to explain is if the string hits the wall, it slides to the bearing rather than falls off and ruins the trick, making lacerations much easier.
The lighter weight would also suit me rather well due to the pure fact that I get tired easily, and the lighter my daily yoyo. The better off I am! Haha

The YYR IRpad helps doing laceration/whip binds which also are a big staple in my routines. What’s a nice long techy whippy trick without a classy flashy bind?

And I think that sums it up!

I’ll give this a shot!

I am a player who is recently getting back into yo young after a bit of a hiatus from the last few years.
My “prime” in yoyoing was during 08 where I was quite active in the community online, as well as going to contest.
Now getting back, I see that yoyos have changed and there are more producers than I can count.
This yoyo seems to be quite modern and I feel it could be a good example to show someone like myself what sort of yoyo people are getting into, as well as allowing me to give my honest views on how this yoyo stacks up to some of the “legends” of the pass.
I may not be a world level player, but I know my way around the block. :slight_smile:

Best wishes!

Huh? Sorry, i thought it would have been ok.

  1. I love the yoyos I already have that are that shape (Gambit, Severe, etc.)
  2. I want to try a 7075 that is light
  3. I can get it blasted, powdercoated, custom anodized, mirror polished, etc.
  4. I could keep it raw and use metal polish to keep it shiny
  5. I’m 14 and don’t have a job or time for a job. Saving up enough money would take forever!

I’d love to win the Pulsefire.

There are a few reasons why I believe it would fit my play style very well, and here they are.

1. Shape - I love V shaped yoyos. There’s just something about them that suits me. It’s a little hard to tell from the second picture, but it seems like there is a slight roundness to the V shape, and it looks great. It’s like a Japanese company did a makeover of the Model 10. Also, the flat hub of the yoyo adds to the overall effect it has on me visually. It looks like a grade A Japanese manufactured yoyo (I’m not sure where it’s manufactured at though).

2. Size
- My play style is all over the place. I like to do it all. Slacks, lacerations, whips, rejections, fast, slow, horizontal, chopsticks, and pretty much anything you can think of. It all just depends on how I’m feeling. Sometimes I like to play as if I’m competing, and sometimes I just like to relax and have a fun flowing trick session. A lot of the yoyos I’ve tried have either been above 56mm in diameter or below 54mm in diameter. The above 56mm throws can get sloppy during chopstick tricks and the below 54mm yoyos seem to lose too much velocity and make some rejections hard to hit. I haven’t seen many yoyos in the 55-56mm range that appeal to me… but the Pulsefire definitely does.

3. Weight - This is one of the biggest factors that appeal to me. I like full sized yoyos with undersized weight, especially when I’m just relaxing and busting out some smooth, graceful tricks. I mean, when I’m playing like that ( and I do very often), one of my favorite yoyos to use is the Classic. It’s a little big in diameter for my liking but I love the weight. I’ve never seen a mid to full size yoyo with below 64 gram weight. I believe that is something I would love, especially considering that it’s a 7075 yoyo. 7075 versions of earlier 6061 yoyos are made for various reasons, but the usual effect is a heavier, longer spinning, and more stable yoyo. The combination of the low weight and high grade 7075 aluminum could change a lot of peoples minds on what a 7075 yoyo should play like.

4. Finish
- I love the fact that you kept it raw. 7075 aluminum usually doesn’t turn out looking to good once anodized, and in the rare case where it does the ano rubs away fast if you like grinds like me. You either end up with an off looking tone of a certain color, or a vibrant in some spots with dull fading in others after using the yoyo for a while. Raw yoyos look good no matter what. Polishing them makes the yoyo shine like it’s a titanium. Most everybody likes a yoyo that you can substitute as a mirror.

Overall Appeal - I could go on and on about why I like the look of this yoyo and why I think it will fit my play style, but in the spirit of trying to keep this post from taking up half of a page I’ll end my thoughts here. This throw appeal to me a great deal. The weight, shape, specifications, and finish makes me think that it’s made by a highly sought after manufacturer like Yoyorecreation or a number of other Japanese manufacturers, when in fact it’s made by a fellow forum member. I’ve seen a few people on here who have decided to invest in making their own yoyo, and the Pulsefire honestly looks better aesthetically and specification wise than anything else I’ve seen here. It’s the type of yoyo I’ve been looking for and I didn’t even know it until I saw it a few minutes ago. A 7075 throw with lower weight that looks like it could throw down with anything from the top yoyo manufactures in the world. I really hope I win this yoyo, but if I don’t this may just be a model that I’d be willing to sell some of my current yoyos in order to own. Giveaway or no, I think you’re on to something here with your design.

Thanks for the opportunity.