Puffin1 response


Does an original puffin only take flowable silicone? and another question, do snow tires replace any 19mm pads? or are the alil larger? the question raises my brow, because the response housing looks larger, and i dont have any extra pads to make a comparison… help meh plez! and thank you.


Yeah, Puffin can take flowable for sure.

As for pads, snow tires are a different size. You can futz around with “incorrect” pads sometimes and still get it to work, but I think standard 19mm slim pads will end up being too recessed to work properly.

I’d get the snow tires (or other CLYW-sized pads) if you want pads. Otherwise, flowable from the automotive store will work dandy.


MAH MAN! ;D i actually noticed you were on from the other mod thread i was reading, i knew you would help me ;D. i appreciate you sir, as well as everybody else does.XD


Snow tires were made to fit CLYW’s old flowable silicone yoyos as well


Onedrop flowgroove (also YYJ old O-ring, Godtricks and Auldey) is the same thickness but ~1mm less outer diameter.

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Not exactly sure if it’s the case but I know with Chief the recess is deep enough to use two layers of common pads (like the ones in yyf, yyj, etc), if Puffin has the same groove size as Chief then it should work too. Once it’s worn out simply change out the top layer of the pad.