HEEELP! pads measures!!! 19mm, Snowtires, flow groove

Can someone post a photo of a classic 19mm pad, Clyw snow tires and Onedrop flow groove?
all in the same photo, like a comparison maybe (also overlapped would be very cool)… :smiley:
i need to know the difference in their measures :stuck_out_tongue:

don’t have pics but I have dimensions. st: od 21mm id 14mm yyf: od 19mm id 14mm flow grooves should be the same as yyf.

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Pad taken out of YYF - CLYW Snowtires - OD Flow Groove - OD 19mm Slim Flow Groove

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Thankyou guys :smiley:
I think i’ll stay with onedrop xD snow tires seems too large for my tastes :o


used them