Puffin is a good fit for small(ish) people.

Been playin’ on my puffin all night, and I really dig it. I love my chief, but I feel like the puffin just fits my hands better. I don’t have obscenely small hands or anything, but I’m still only about 5’6" or so. So far I feel like it does what I want my more undersized throws (Bapezilla.2, DiBase) to do, but with more stability and maneuverability. Anyone else feel like they have some good throws for smaller people?

If you’re talking about undersized throws, the cascade is slightly undersized and is a great yoyo.

I think what he wanted was some reassurance to his statement that the made about the puffin being a nice undersized throw.

I know these are kinda old but: yyf boss, chico bulldog (one of my favorites) clyy campfire, 888, general yo entheos, ilyy sakura. I could go on, but I think that’s a good start. I am only 5’5’’ and I love undersized throws.

Nah, I know the puffin is a good smallish throw - I spent a good chucnk of time last night playing with it. I’m digging that it’s in this nice little butter zone for me, size-wise. It’s nice to find a return-top in that range. It and my Bapezilla.2 are my two most comfortable throws for all around stuff, but I like the finish on the puffin better, so it’s going to probably end up being my default pocket chucker for quite a while.

It just got me thinking about how yoyo diameter relates to a person’s size and general play.

Well obviously a 6 year old isn’t realistically going to be using an H5. I think anything from 48-58 could be used by anyone, and is mostly all personal preference. Any smaller, big people might not like and anything bigger, small people might not like. I’m 6’3 and love using my PopStar all the same

I definitely like bigger throws, and my hands are freakishly huge, so the big ones fit better. After 20 days with the metal drifter, however, small throws feel more natural to me.

I feel no preference to different sizes of yoyos. At a mere 5 feet, I have no discomfort throwing my IronyJP. That being said, the Puffin is great for me.

I’m what you would call a ‘large male’. Roughly 6’2", 230lbs, with Shrek-like hands and I still think the Puffin is one of my favorite yoyos. And this is coming from someone who despises undersize. I have no idea what’s going on with the Puffin, but it’s superb. The less-than-great stability and spin times just make it fun.