Puffin 2 VS. Summit

If you guys could choose either a Puffin 2 or a Summit what would you choose?

None. But summit if 7 summit or puffin 2.

Puffin 2

Having actually played both of them, i would say that the Puffin 2 is my favorite out of them both. The summit in my opinion isn’t really worth it unless you’re gonna get a 7 Summit. Puffin 2 is fast, floaty, and very smooth if you can tune correctly.

What would you suggest then? The OP is clearly asking which one is better and would probably like to know from people who own them and have actually played them.

I like the puffin2. If you are looking for fingerspins like lots of people these days the puffin2 is great for them. It’s fast, nimble and is very stable. Perfect for horizontal combos.

Puffin 2.

The puffin 2 performs far better but the summit has a really comforting feeling on the string to me for some reason.

Definetly the Puffin 2.