Summit vs Puffin 2 vs MarkMont Classic vs anything else

please let me know what is the best!

They all perform top notch
get whatever looks best

That’s like asking “How high is up?”

I’m planning to get one for Xmas and I don’t have much money

I hated summit

I do not have a markmont, but between a summit and a puffin 2, I prefer my puffin 2

Summit. Easy availability in a huge amount of great colorways, plays really well, nice amount of float, can be adjusted with side effects if you prefer it heavier, all around great yoyo.

I have not thrown the Classic but I have thrown a Puffin 2 and Summit and I liked them both extremely. The only one I own is the Summit though.

Nothing wrong with the Puffin 2, but i’ve only thrown mine a few times. Just doesn’t feel very special or unique to me. A little too solid and lifeless maybe? I’ll grab a Classic eventually, but haven’t heard a lot of reviews thus far. It’s unlikely to perform as well as the Summit or Puffin 2, but will probably feel nice.

what do you think about leviathan or RT or paranoid

I vote One Drop. I usually go with the throw that is least like the others in my collection. I really like the Summit and am going to order the MMC soon. However, in the $100+ category, the Valor is still my favorite.

I haven’t tried the MMC but it looks really good and I’m dying to try one since I really like the shape,specs and simplicity of it.

In the end it all comes down for preference.

Puffin2 is probably the most competitive.
The side effects yoyos are more customize-able.
Puffin2 and MMC both have a comfy rounder shapes while the summitt has more straight lines, puffin2 is a bit more v-shaped than the MMC though.
I think the summit is really good but I’ve never really dug those kind of shapes, to me the original puffin always felt like a summit with a shape that I liked better.

I’m trying to stay non-biased here but it’s hard since I designed the puffin2 with Chris and the design was made to fit all of my preferences. To me it’s perfect but different people like different things.