Puffin or Summit

Should i trade my rootlbeer blizzard puffin for a green summit

Yes the summit is a precision throw

Its all personal preference, but I can tell you, I LOVE my Summit. I’m talking, REALLY LOVE. Other than my Majesties, the Summit is probably my smoothest and most comfortable throw. It handles everything I throw at it with ease.
The Puffin that I had was really fun, but something about it just didn’t sit just right with me. I always found myself reaching for a different throw. I can’t really pinpoint any one thing I didn’t like, it just wasn’t my style I guess. Some people love it, some people don’t. I haven’t heard many people complaining about the Summit though.

I like the Summit but I’m not a huge fan of the Puffin so easy decision for me. They’re both very different throws, especially the Puffin which is unlike just about everything else on the market at the moment.


I prefer the summit 100%! The puffin is very very maneuverable and somewhat on the faster side. The summit is very very stable and nimble. I feel as if the puffin just has something missing though, it’s by no means a bad throw, but I don’t blame on collecting them. I have two summits with plans for two more at least.

I dont have the problem or throwing something else, because this is my only REALLY good yoyo, which im ok with:)

They are both awesome. Puffin is lighter on the string and the summit feels more solid to me. Just depends what you like :wink:

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I can’t choose, i have both and they’re both amazing. It’s just preferance.

I would agree with this post. Both are excellent throws. For all out performance you can’t beat the Summit… BUT the Puffin has a “fun” factor that just can’t be matched.

I own two of each so I may have a biased opinion…