PSN not dead...just resting...

I know…I know…go throw a yoyo…but 3 days…? and I just pick up Portal 2…! sometimes I just want to get online and kill some people…it make the world a safer place for all…

lol silly H4ck3r5. Don’t worry your not the only one I’m having an twitchy trigger finger :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m guessing (completely my guess) It will be another week, I think they have to rebuild part of the network :frowning:

Yah, I’ve been itching to kick butt or get my butt kicked on Mortal Kombat. Dang!

You could just do it oldschool and invite some friends over. Split screen aint that bad. On top of that you actually get to play with your friends instead of everyone sitting alone in their own couch.

I miss the old days when I would go over to my friends house and we’d play 4-player Perfect Dark 64 on a 19 inch screen. And then the next weekend we’d get together at my house and play Crash Team Racing or Bomberman on our 17 inch screen. If some company manages to get out a Star Wars Battlefront 3 game with 4-player split screen, I will buy it, and I will deliberately plug our PS3 into our old TV and we’ll cram 4 screens into that small space.

I feel like the best part about consoles compared to PC’s is that it’s so easy to get very social local multiplayer going. The sad part is that there are more games where split screen is just ignored in favor of online multiplayer.

This is why I like XBL.

Umm. PSN is free though… so… anyway, this is the first time I’ve seen it be down this long, and I’ve had a PS3 for years.

I’ve had 3 xboxes and the red ring of death…

Free. Cannot join games and parties have limited options, downtime as of recently, for the small fee of 60 dollars a year, I get a very superior service for gaming atleast. I prefer PSN for alternative Media.

Ive had one xbox, know how to take care of it and have never had RROD. Its fixed since slim.

I’d take the PSN cause with the PS3 you also get better graphics, better load times, bluray, no red ring, better games imo . Way better controllers , just better.

All my friends that owned 360s at any point traded up for a ps3…

I have a PS3 and a 360… PS3 wins every time. I love the free internet, and I’m waiting to bullseye some heads in some bad company 2 when it comes back to life :wink:

I’ve also heard that people who bought the new Mortal Kombat for 360 traded it in for the ps3 version

The console war will never end. Deal with it there are pros and cons to both systems this is a thread about the recent network outages of the ps3, not xbox vs ps3.

Ps. N64 ftw

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Darn… Now we can’t play video games.


What will I ever do?

Graphics are the same on both consoles.

Anyways, Dreamcast ftw.


All the people with ps3’s are getting publicity… What about the psp? The psn is still down for us too!

xlink Kai. Meow.

I just wanna use Netflix again…

ok, i take no sides (though i personally use XBL). i don’t want to fuel the console wars, but here are some facts about both.

Xbox live costs more, and if you want wireless, that is an extra $100, but usually the connection is better than on the PS3.

Xbox live USED TO BE prone to RROD, but that has been fixed for over a year before the slim. there are other problems that are a little more rare, but the PS3 has just as many problems.

The graphics are exactly the same. only PS3 fans think that the graphics are better, because there is HD, but xbox has HD.

PS3 has more features like blue ray, but xbox live has pretty good stuff to. it isn’t loads worse.

move is worse than kinnect.

Kinnect sucks imo. And the graphics are better on ps3, that’s fact, not opinion.

Metal Gear Solid 4… nuff said

ps3 :wink: