Idea:Ps3 Yoyo Video Chat?

Hey everybody! For those of you who have a PS3 and Camera, we can start a new way to talk yoyo! What you do is just follow these directions here> Just wanted to see if any one would like to try. Any takers?

P.S.: I am only 14 so dont laugh if im not good at it yet.

i’m down, i am on my ps3 usually during the week when my gf is doing school work and stuff. send me a fr
DevotedTool. if my friends list is full pm me and ill delete someone and add you.
Disclaimer i’m not that good either.

Cool. Not feeling so good today, but I will see if I can get on.

i accepted your fr last night, i will be online tonight once i get home from work. so if i see you on ill send you a chat invitation.