So I want to do this...

Okay, so here’s the deal. One day my new xbox 360 controller came in the mail. Apparently the guy who had it before me didn’t take care of it too well. The thumbsticks were sticky and missing grips, the buttons were half scratched out, an overall very slugish, disgusting controller. I had no clue how to fix sticky thumbsticks so I googled it. I was like “oh come on, I have to open this thing up now?” :smiley:
Well, that’s what I did. I ordered new buttons and thumbsticks and replaced nearly everything in that controller and here’s what it looks like: After that I was hooked. If any of you guys have nearly unusable controllers, just let me know. :wink:

My controller is just fine but now I soooo want to do this!

I’m assuming this is the controller you bought from me? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope, it’s not! :smiley: I knew you would say that though…

Was mine in decent condition? I thought it was but after having it for 4 years and eating a ton of nachos when using it, I wasn’t too sure :stuck_out_tongue:

YOU LIED TO ME! :’( >:(

About what?

I don’t know… We need more gamers around here. I’m looking for a PS4 by the way, if anyone has one they’d sell.

I play rocket league sometimes…if you can call it being a gamer!

Any game my friend, any game… What console do you play on?

I play on PC but I think it is a cross platform game

Do you play?

No, not really. Never got a chance to try it. Looks like a lot of fun though.

It is a ton of fun!

Anyone want to play The Division on PS4? Gamertag: olam1794