online ps3


is there anyone who has an online ps3 account? if so add me:xxINFAMOUS1197xx
i know its a weird name:) but sounds cool ;Dlol


playin’ black ops tonight. psn: phobus36

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Ps3’s suck

Xbox for the win


the xbox is missing one essential thing


Heres mine:

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Nah we got halo and homefront


halo? one and two were good. reach was a flop. and i’ve never even heard of homefront so it can’t be that good. =p


I like reach it just came out like a day before black ops (bad timing) :stuck_out_tongue:


Troll ;D jk PS3 has a better GPU and a faster CPU. It also can handle blu-ray games which means like 10 times the about of gb can be used to make per game. The only reason xbox has better graphics for COD is because it was made for xbox…then converted to PS3. You can put linux on a PS3 and the online play is free. I’m not saying which is better that is all opinion and I think the graphics on xbox now are just fine. We haven’t seen anything close to what the ps3 is capable of graphics wise.

my psn= “xdx”

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reach has been out for over a year… black ops 4 months