Calling PS3 owners. I have a ?

I’m not trying to start a fanboy flame/trolling war here. I just want to hear the pros and cons from people who own PS3s I own a 360 and I’ve become bored with the games I own and I’m contemplating selling it and buying a PS3. I used to be a PS gamer I had the PSX, PSONE(slim) and 3 PS2s, I dont really know why I got an xbox over a PS3 initially but I guess mainly because my friends had 360s. I dont play online anymore(dont really have interest) but I want to hear some pros and cons of the PS3 and if selling all my 360 junk would be worth getting a PS3. I like the built in wi-fi but not really a selling point, and I do like the fact that it has Blu-Ray which I have been looking at Blu-Ray players recently and could help reason with my wife. Remember I only want to hear from PS3 owners. :slight_smile: Thanks to all who input any advice, suggestions or +/-.

I got a PS3 a few months ago and the first game I got was a used copy of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. I can tell you that so far my Ps3 (slim) works great. (The PS3 works especially good if you have a Sony TV with Bravia Sync)

Pros: Blu-Ray 2.0, Built in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, DVD, Free Playstation Network, Internet Browser, Good Graphics, no Red Ring of Death, Sixaxis Controller, big Hardrives, Little Big Planet, 3D capabilities, I like the Cross Menu Bar, Overall great entertainment system

Cons: (Controller) fingers slide off of the L2 and R2 buttons, the disk drive can be a little noisy, only 2 USB 2.0 ports on front (slim), no Halo

well, I have both, and I use my PS3 much more. Here is just a few reasons.

Blueray player, Free online play, I like the format of the PSN, you don’t need to buy add-on packs for games, you can get them through the PSN, I find there is a lot LESS hackers on the PS3 than on 360, Play is just as smooth. Has a lot of the same games as the 360 (even ones exclusive to PS3 like the 360), Relatively quiet, dependable wifi system, easy to connect ANY blue tooth headset, and much more.

The only problems I’ve had are the update times. PS3 had huge updates compared the the 360.

As I said, I have both, and I rarely play my 360.

Dude, you obviously haven’t been playing enough Star Wars games. But heres something. BUY A COPY OF HALO OR HALO 2. Buy the calssic Xbox games and you will be satisfied.


those games are better than anything on Xbox. The graphics surpass the Xbox by far.

Well the other pros are that you can also play DC Universe Online. The controllers to me are easier to use. I don’t know if you can get Netflix on an Xbox. The online play is free… oh and bluray is awesome.

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Finaly a decent person

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Have neither. But I am pretty sure Final Fantasy 13 is only for ps3. Im a square enix fan. Thats all I have to say.

You must not be that much a Square Enix fan, because then I’m sure you would have known that FFXIII was in fact on 360 as well as PS3

On topic, I own both a 360 and a PS3 and I find myself in the exact opposite situation as you. I’m really bored with my Playstation games and find myself only playing my Xbox so I’d say keep the Xbox but you should really just buy the system that has more games that you like.

I can objectively tell you that this is not true. The PS3 does have slightly better graphics but the difference is really negligible when deciding on what console to get. Also, Xbox does have netflix, it had netflix even before PS3 did.

Well… the xbox is more hackable… ::slight_smile:

I have definitly been interested in playing DC Universe and I like that online play would be free if I wanted to use it.

-I’ve already beat Halo/2 on legendary multiple times and im not much of a fan for star wars.

  • I havent noticed too much of a graphical difference between the two. It more so based on the game.
    -I’ve beaten FF13 on xbox, but I would love to play the old ones on psn.

Ps3 is generally better. Bluray, free online, better controller syncing setup. Better controller interface (no batteries). No red ring. No overheating issues. Just better in general. Pluuus, Little Big Planet.